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Z3R0 Here.

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I guess I never made one of these... I have been here for quite a long time. Since July of 2014. I have played on and off these past few months for reasons. I am currently a part of MC, I joined originally when there was only around 10 people in it. It has grown an immense amount. Props to Moob for sticking to it. Back in the beginning of my time on this server, I was the Co-Founder of Los Diablos, which at the time (A long ass time ago) was not the largest, but the most controlling gang I suppose you could say. I also happen to be SPBojos Hero (He is the best) I have also had a lot of ups and downs with reputation, especially in AMS but damn that was fun! I hope to see all of you out there it may be in a gun fight, robbery or something like that. You have also known me as [D] Thanatos if you played way back when. 

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Could you crop your signature picture a bit, kinda massive :P

wow, makes a "hello i am ****" post, and all you do is hate on hes signature? AT LEAST SAY HI TO THE BLOKE!

I also happen to be SPBojos Hero (He is the best)

Can confirm. Z3R0 Is My Hero :)

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