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How To Immediately Speak With A Staff Member

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I'm sitting in jail for a few minutes after an encounter with some Senior APD and the Olympus staff...

While I was ungeared, I had a great struggle at Pyrgos rebel with a beautiful APD Ghosthawk. I'm glad that I was tased right as my grenade exploded in my face, because I was able to survive and learn an awesome lesson.

During the usual vehicle chat banter on the way to the police station, I was making some jokes about using cheats to pull a Zafir with explosive rounds to obliterate the cops.

Discalimer: I have never downloaded, used, or endorsed the use of cheats on the Olympus servers. It ruins the game for everyone.

I observed some red text appear over a couple of the cops' heads that read "STAFF ESP ENABLED" or something like that, and I was able to have a nice conversation with them on the spot.


Morals of the story:

(1) If you want to speak with a staff member in-game, repeat the steps above.

(2) Don't use game chat for anything malicious.

Have a good, and stay safe!

Thank you to the staff for always striving to make the server cheat-free and better for your players. 

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47 minutes ago, Noah Leonard (noah.exe) said:

Thank you to the staff for always striving to make the server cheat-free and better for your players. 


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