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Old friends.

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Reunited with one of my good friends Grimm who has been gone since wipe. Got me thinking we need to get some of these old players back, i'm sure mostly everybody who was around before wipe had so much more fun than they do now. Nothing was more amusing than everyone being in Kavala just causing straight shenanigans, Moob, Aladeen, Adi, Pete Malloy, GhostFace, Cody, Ricky Spanish, Conan The Destroyer, DJ, Grimm, McDili and Spectral RPing as cop. Lockpickings cars, trolling cops on go kart, etc. We have to get back to having a little more fun no matter what gang you're in, not caring so much about getting money, robbing people, getting fellow members who have been around for a while banned for the littlest thing, ranting about rules and nazi admins on the forums. Not saying this should turn into the friendliest server in the world but just every once in a while don't go after someones neck because they have [CROOK] on, [MC] on, etc. Just a few random thoughts at 2am  :P

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