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#The Things Poseidon Says

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<12:58:50> "SPBojo": wasteland just went down and isnt coming up again
<12:59:34> "Poseidon": windows update
<12:59:42> "SPBojo": for wasteland? o.o
<12:59:45> "SPBojo": uwotm8
<12:59:52> "Poseidon": getting serve up ina  sec, gotta load the shit back onto ramdisk
<13:00:14> "SPBojo": omfg, ok then. thanks for not telling, dbag :( "cries over no wasteland"
<13:00:27> "Poseidon": lol
<13:00:38> "Poseidon": windows didnt give much of a choice, and since it restarted i was like welp nows a good time
<13:01:00> "SPBojo": "cries abit more"
<13:01:01> "SPBojo": lol
<13:01:10> "Poseidon": bootin up now
<13:01:21> "Poseidon": 30 secs
<13:01:28> "SPBojo": allright :D
<13:01:51> "Poseidon": its up ya scruberino
<13:02:08> "SPBojo": Thanks poseidon, may the goods of taco bless you <3
<13:02:19> "Poseidon": as long as its not soggy taco bell tacos
<13:02:33> "SPBojo": ugh, those soggy fuckers :o
<13:02:54> "Poseidon": the taco bell near me is the worst, i never get to have decent taco bell :[
<13:03:08> "Poseidon": they evne gave me a cold quesidila once
<13:03:16> "SPBojo": aww.... wow, what a bunch of fuckers :o
P0S3ID0N Plz
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All I want is decent taco bell, or maybe a chipotle that isn't a 1.5 hour drive ;__;


Also this is my 500th post, so yea...

poor poseidon :/ we should start a make a wish for poseidon to get him decent taco bell!

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Wouldn't someone have to get cancer first to start a make a wish?

we would have to work it out somehow, if that means someone needs to get cancer, so itl be.

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