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Server number 4

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I have had an idea for server 4. A White listed modded Realism RP server. I had the chance to use task force radio with a tactical realism unit. I think doing a modded server using task force radio would really help out RP would add a realism aspect to it modes can also help by taking away Tilda. So I cant just be rolling on the road and when ATV passes by yell "oh how is that Tilda him and text him to pull over" that does not happen. You should make a road block or find other way to get him to pull over. This is just a suggestion. If you do not like the idea Don't post any thing. If you like the idea lets talk about it. thank you for reading my post I hope to join you all in RP on server 1 and 2. #comporbann


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Olympus' 3rd server has been brought up very recently featuring Wasteland, currently the player base is spread between the two Altis life servers and the single Wasteland server. Over the course of the day, the player population goes from around 25 to almost full capacity. With such a variation it would not be a wise game plan to release an addition server at this time. Not to mention that the number of staff would need to be increased further to cover the addition server, which is much more difficult than it sounds. Additionally more rules would need to be created for this 4th server, something that the staff is trying to avoid with very good reason. I personally can't see this happening anytime soon.

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The problem with having a modded servers is players would need to download said mods. If we had a larger player base and the current 3 servers were full most of the time I could see this being a thing. However with the decrease in altis life players I don't see it being a good decision. 

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I feel that they could easily increase role play on the 2 servers we have while keeping the population and everything. See ive played A3L where everything is straight role play and shit tons of rules, and i ended up coming back to this. Its just not enjoyable always having to worry about messing up a situation and getting banned. Like we could remove tilda key or just avoid using it which the APD has been trying to start doing. Recently I have seen role play going up a lot more, I say we just have a message when you join to advise people to stay in character so that its much more fun! Lots of easy things can be done with the servers we have.

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We did actually have a modded server at one point. We took ideas from players and added it into that server. The issue however came down to once we set it up not many players used it. It's hard to get players to download multiple Mods just to play on a server. After trying it out for a month or so it was decided to drop it since it just didn't have a decent amount of players to use it.


The taskforce radio has been discussed in regards to our current AL servers since it doesn't require each person to download it to use but we haven't had the time to test out if it will cause any issues or not.

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Hello Hades, I have also tried the task-force radio. I think its great for communicating. Especially for cops. I see it as a more comfortable option for some reason. I am still getting used to all the APD in a specific channel talking plus the civilians also talking, I mean. I am not sure if the task-force radio would help with neutralizing this a little. Just my 2 cents. 

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