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Are there crooked cops, and is there a conflict of interest letting gang members also be on the APD?

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So if you see what I see here, there's a member of the APD pardoning a gang member from BurBan with 5 Manslaughters, 1 attempted Manslaughter, 1 Evading Arrest, and 1 Possession of an Illegal Weapon. I find that highly interesting, how any cop would see that guy as innocent and release him from charges that steep. I paid attention because I'm a Vigilante, and was monitoring the APD most wanted list. What made me suspicious of this conflict of interest is that in the past, I've seen APD members pardon BurBan players for $300,000 bounties out of the blue. Meanwhile plebs like me have to shoot a guy in self defense and end up in jail with all of my licenses cleared; because the first thing we forgot to do was text an APD member.
There's a serious conflict of interest, and if gang members can just sweet talk their APD friends into pardoning them... what's the point of even having a bounty system? If the largest criminals on the server can get away with this, who does the system punish?


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there are many factors in this that may lead up to a pardon,


just to name a few


1)hostage situation he negotiates for a pardon if not over 1mil bounty,

2)apd guy sucks at driving and didnt heal someone he captured... must give detainee a pardon

3) Really good RP reasons, ive pardoned my fair share of people due to their stories being out right hilarious.

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Can we all tone down the dumbass accusations here please


Way to keep it Constructive. +1


This isn't an accusation. I'm asking, is there a conflict of interest with the APD allowing gang members. You can see in the first picture that another BurBan person was also pardoned. He had a 120k-ish bounty as well. I don't have a screenshot of that, however.


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Honestly if you dont know the situation dont bother to interfere as moose said a variety of factors can result in someone getting pardoned one of those reasons is good RP. It just so happens that a member of Burban who is a Corporal if im not mistaken pardoned another member of Burbban because he gave good RP and gave him donuts i mean what cop dosent like donuts? i personally prefer Potatoes But thats just me XD

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If my PO shoots you and it lethals you, it will not automatically pardon you. I need to do it myself. Another thing that could of happened is mistake on APD's side - wrongful taze, being left for 10 minutes when situation has been resolved, 11/10 RP, died of dehydration and informed others that he's close to death and more - they are all related to a pardon.


I've paroned CROOK, MC, BurBan, DC, Kappa etc.


The likely reason they got a pardon is because Devil had a Ghosthawk and Fedot was on a gun, and when he said "Go" to cLoak to send texts Fedot shot, hit the heli and it went boom.

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Unless you are apart of the situation, you cannot make a claim of a crooked cop. I personally will vouch for cloak and devil, as both are great cops who do the right thing in each situation. If the individuals that they are dealing with get pardoned, than you can put your bottom dollar on the fact that they had a good reason. Don't speculate unless you have the facts.

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Me personally? I doubt the pardons are given just because. I have encountered a few of the people I know as CIV and even though I acknowledge them I never break character or treat them better or worse. No one is going to be treated different by us, everyone is to abide by the rules and laws established for Olympus Servers. And also, I don't know if I speak for everyone ( but I sure hope so ), I play this game for the RP. I highly doubt virtual money would be more important here than staying in character for both CIV and COP. Just my 2 cents. 

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creighton as for corruption you cant say anything. about a week ago more or less i was robbing the gas station wanted for 17 k you tazed me as a vigi through the window i remember it well and im sure you do also. just before reset then ran away as my team mate was looking for you there was like 6 minutes left. so you might want to look into the rules as a vigi what you can and can not do. thats all i have to say on this matter

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