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Teamspeak no worky worky at work :(

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Some places such as employers, collages, ect block some outside use to things. Since we are a gaming site there are a fair amount of places that do block us while using there network.

Yeah. I figured, the website works fine thought. It's just that this "Fortiguard web filter" blocks "Internet telephony" connections. That's how they call it. I just wanted to connect once in a while before getting home.  But thanks Hades! 

If you're at work, the firewall is probably blocking the port/hostname.


Edit: What Hades said.

Yes, precisely it. Oh well. 

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my school has blocked everything that connects to a server, so i cant use Steam, Teamspeak and programs like that, but atleast i have the forums lol... :P

Yeah, it's good it ain't categorized as gaming because if not the all mighty "FORTI GUARD WEB FILTERING" would take it down too. 

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