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Does anyone use Track Ir 5 with ARMA 3?

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It is invaluable in my opinion.  As stated, it allows you to turn your head and look in the direction, in game, that you turned your head.  It will change the world as you know while flying around, if you use first person to fly.

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i will only fly in 1st person and trackir....no better way to fly imo...get yaself some rudder pedals, joystick and hotas..awesome fun

plz gif me juan of doose

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I just got a trackIR and realized that I somehow do not own a normal baseball cap (you need one if you don't get the trackclip pro).  But after buying a cap and testing it out -- holy shit guys, it worked right out of the box and after an initial test I'm pretty impressed.  I had to do pretty much zero configuration to get it working.  Maybe now I'll actually see you guys before you shoot me :P 

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