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On 3/11/2021 at 11:49 PM, SPBojo said:

Hes broken that exact rule on me 3 times, hes combat logged on me 5 times and hes RDM'd me twice. I've reported him twice in total. If you actually cared enough to ask you would find out that i've had plenty of friendly interactions with him in the past. As Bush said, we were friendly with him up until all of the sudden he starts shit talking, calling hacks 24/7 and breaking rules all the time.


You can even ask @Ryan himself if im why new players dont join, mans sat and watched me and my buds help 3 new players for a solid hour+ and have continued to help new players.


This guy is not as new of a player that you clearly want to think. He was in Olympus Fallen and got kicked for being a sperg, now hes recieving punishment for hes actions and you start crying for no reason? 


It was never about ego so idk why your @'n me having a ego fit of your own.


Edit: to make things better, you are literally in the gang he complains about in hes post. Dumbass.


22 hours ago, SPBojo said:

yes ill be on all day tomarrow


2 hours ago, Tarquanda said:

soooo a 7.62 supp?

Ill be on all day tomorrow 

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