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Arma as an e-sport


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  1. 1. Could Arma ever be an e-sport?

    • Yes
    • No

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I wish, but unfortuantley there isnt enough intrest and teams would be to large unless UNLESS someone creates a competitive game mode limited to a SMALL area of kavala, OR TELOS. But yeah, custom maps buggy game = no. But it would be cool if there was. Maybe we could host Gang Vs gang competitions on the weekends as a event? Best of 3 1 defend 1 offense? At like a rebel or a city :3 could be fun.

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Actually that's where i think you're wrong. Battle Royale is a very popular gamemode og Arma 3, and yes i would say that BR could become an E-sport if people took their time to create BR servers on LAN events, and other events where online competetive gaming is in focus :) 

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Arma is all about luck, dsync, using simple logic and knowing when to shoot. In my opinion, and ive been playing arma semi competetive on lan's, its to big of a game to have a type of competetive scene around it. It would be cool yes, but its not a game that fits the competetive scene...

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Not sure what you're all on about. Simple mission:


 Blufor SEAL team made of 6 people attacking a place, lets say where prison is now.

 Opfor has to defend that.


Organised teams thinking tactically in a 6v6 manner.


Also, desync is not part of comp teams as it's lan so desync is not a thing.

Getting Arma'd would get you instantly tp'ed with your shit, unlike on here as it's easier to monitor

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