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Tasers, Supps, Csats, PCOVs, + more for sale

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For Sale
25x pcov - 6.2m for all or 275k ea
5x ghillie csat - 50k e
3x hex csat - 50k ea
11x urban csat - 50k ea
3x police cap  (offer)
1x Cpl Beret (offer)
1x Dep Vest (offer)
1x Black NVG (offer)
4x MX Tasers - 1.1m for all or 300k ea
2x CMR Taser - 225k a pop
1x LIM Taser - 1.25m
2x MK1 Taser - 1.1m a pop
1x Mar10 Taser - 2m
1x Promet Taser - 600k
1x MXGL Taser + 8 smoke canisters - (Offer)
1x PO7 Taser - 50k
1x Zubr Taser - 75k
1x 5.8 supp - 400k
1x 7.62 supp - 4m
3x 5.56 supp - 250k ea
5x 9mm supp - 50k ea
1x RPG - 1.1m
2x RPG Rockets - 125k ea or 200k for both
1x Mar10 Lethal - 2m
5x stone (cop flashbangs) (offer)
3x m6 slam mine (offer)
2x explo charge (offer)
1x small ied (offer)
2x rgn (offer)
2x rgo (offer)
1x Jeep AT - 6m
1x Fully Upgraded Weed 3c - 3.5m (Negotiable)



Contact me on discord to purchase - Strafe#9318
Can provide pictures of every item on the list
Willing to staff MM
Up to date list of items linked in signature.

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7 hours ago, Tarquanda said:

u got a dms? also ill take mar10

No dmses available

5 hours ago, Snapple... said:

i’ll do the Mar10


28 minutes ago, CHEESE1 said:

I'll take mar10 lethal if still available 

i have multiple people who want the lethal so start posting bids

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1 hour ago, Blutrin said:

How much for

all of the Csat clothing

all 9mm silencers 

and what are PCOVs, RGN, and ROG. I might be interested in that.

5x ghillie csat - 50k ea - 250k
3x hex csat - 50k ea - 150k
11x urban csat - 50k ea - 550k

5x 9mm supp - 50k ea - 250k

pcovs = pilot coverall csats

RGN / RGO = nades

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23 minutes ago, lukie said:

ur stupid as shit

good luck getting one rn :peepoclown:

35 minutes ago, Blutrin said:

How much will you offer to sell for every thing I asked for in my previous message if I buy in a lot? 

Include the Mar10 please 

contact me on discord pls

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19 minutes ago, ZeRo said:

Never bought a 7.62 sup over 2 mil. 4 mil is a scam

Tell that to the guy who bought one for 6m LOL


But yeah no the price has gone up by a lot, ask Cabal n shit, barely any 7.62 supp's drop these days.

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