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Need PC/laptop advice

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14 hours ago, Noble said:

business admin major engineering minor, school im at is mac friendly. I hate apple in general but i do still have an Iphone. I have always hated macs but i keep hearing the buzz over the new m2 chip. I plan on studying abroad down the line so i feel like getting something on the bulkier side might be worth it.. just not too bulky that its annoying to bring from class to class 

Macs are great, the OS is solid, but the business world runs on Windows, except the backend, those are Linux with some Windows Server to cover Azure and legacy stuff. Only niche, and really rich companies that can afford the extra overhead of running a multi OS enterprise will use macOS. I would still bet multi OS businesses are primarily Windows, but give employees the choice. Go windows unless you have a reason to go macOS, like you want to work for Apple or just really enjoy the environment.


If you do go Apple set up Bootcamp, so you can go Windows if you need. Probably the biggest advantage of Apple for a personal device is Mac can be Windows pretty easily, A Dell/HP/Lenovo/...ect going MacOS is a pain in the ass at best. 

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17 hours ago, Noble said:

Any laptop tips? deciding between brining PC to college and getting the new m2 macbook air or getting a windows laptop with decent mix of portability and performance 

any recommendations 

Cheap laptop bring pc

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Others have hit it on the head. Get a laptop with decent battery life, and a good form-factor for your use, and bring the desktop to school for gaming purposes.

The only reason to grab the MacBook would be if you're going in to computer science, and want a more-unix-style system, but absolutely cannot go linux for it.

tl;dr bring the desktop, and grab a laptop focused on battery and mobility for classes.

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6 hours ago, David Miller said:

If you do go Apple set up Bootcamp

The new Macbooks don't support bootcamp due to them being an Arm chip. The Intel mac still support it though.

I'd bring the desktop and get a MacBook, that gives you the best of both worlds and worst case you run an emulator for and programs the mac can't run.

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Idk if this is helpful but gaming laptops tend to overheat to the point where you can legit cook an egg on it, My old gaming laptop did that and damaged some parts in it,  so might wanna think about that when deciding. 🙂

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