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Does rating a response to a staff ticket matter in any way?

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I used to rate staff tickets but I stopped after a while because I got the impression it means nothing.

Does that have any effect or is it recorded in any way to actually matter?

I usually just use it to say 'thank you' or some shit.

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It’s recorded, however, we don’t really regularly review them or use them as a metric towards anything.  I’d venture a guess that most of these reviews are on pretty mundane things anyways like responses to R&R/APD applications. It’s also fair to say it’s not a reliable metric for how well a staff member is performing because a disproportionate amount would just be one star ratings from denied ban appeals, player reports, etc. 

I will say though, a good few of them contain questions to follow up with whatever request was submitted, so if you or anyone else fall into that category, you’d be 100% more likely to have it answered or receive help by PM’ing the staff member who dealt with the request. 

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They don't get used for shit, but when I read them on occasions I get a kick out of them. Some times we get called the hard r, sometimes we get called other shit. Sometimes we even get compliments!

Majority of ratings are either a 5 star or a 1 star, hardly ever an in-between. You deny a ban appeal, 1 star. You deny a play report, 1 star. You accept a player report, 5 stars. You accept a ban appeal, depends on how it got lifted. etc., etc.

IF it was actually used for a metric it would be skewed as fuck.

example: @ real estate tycoon


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10 hours ago, XnavrasX said:

I got a 1 star review for denying an IA due to lack of evidence.

NGL I saw the 1 star @ bigPat  gave you.... it is the stupidest report I think I have ever witnessed lmao.

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On 8/9/2022 at 3:14 PM, Kiddietoucher9000 said:

I gave @ Dante  a 2 star rating and he banned me from the TeamSpeak

I had a legendary rating value to tickets completed ratio. Luckily your 2 star couldn't cuck me too bad 😏

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