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I was just wondering why nobody plays server 2 as much? Even cops and medics, theres never cops or medics online so if you die your screwed, and also its hard to do any other rebel stuff cause no cops are on, just thought people should try to even out the numbers more?:(

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I'm on vacation so you won't see me until the 29th. When I play cop my first option is server 2. I always play server two and usually try to drag other cops to join me. This is what does the balancing for the servers. People see cops on and we get more civ population, as easy as that.

And this issue is more up the the senior APD's playing at the moment. They are responsible for balancing out the servers. If there are non online the lower ranks should take it upon themselves to balance out the servers. It should be something that comes out of them instead of a higher up telling them to do it. It looks good when lower ranks do this. I used to do it back when i was deputy and now as corporal I keep playing on server 2.

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I messaged a Sergeant to redeploy as it was 20 to 0 cops and server 1 had 70 people whereas two had 46 and jailbreak going on...

All I had was "Chat conversation was closed."


The chat conversation was closed right after I sent officers over to server 2. 

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what about them

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They are the reason basically everyone goes server 1. And you can't deny it. NW might not be the bad guys, but from what I see, their sucking dicks moob's dick to be allied so they won't get fukt over. Not that I have a personal grudge against anyone or anything, i just don't like seeing server 2 dying because of a couple gangs.
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Because MC and NW. That's why. You may think of other reasons but that is literally the biggest one.


Confused. Are you saying that cops avoid the server that the gangs are on? Or are you saying that the cops join the server that the gangs are on?

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or do those gangs troll the cops so much they avoid it?


From what I've been experiencing the APD have been doing much better in engagements lately. For the most part we've been able to shut down the enemy.

Not you, someone else. It was straight after the message :P


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We try to spread the medics as evenly as we can.  Unfortunately, as Jorbis said, server 2 often has less action.  Regardless,  I usually suck it up and join server 2.  If you continue to see these issues with R&R please send me a message with the names of each Medic.  If you can get screenshots that would also help.

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I play mostly server 2 on my medic. Late, late night recently I choose the 1 with the most people.

Most the time that is server 1 because it's easier for new and regular people that are not apart of any big gang. Unless MC jumps over just to start chaos ofc...
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Medics are on server 2, we ensure that medics are spread evenly. With that said, if there are two medics on and 60 players in server 1 and 10 on server 2, we do allow both medics to be on server 1 depending on demand. If you do perceive that to be incorrect please feel free to send me a message when you identify this and I will asses the dispersion of medics and the current demand on the servers.

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