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Good MC, L, APD VS NW Fight

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Shoutout to the MCPD who was on at the fight tonight between nw vs mc and L. Yall had to save mc some how. Good Fight tho you will see the whole fight on youtube whiten a week after footage from all the players point of view who were participating from nw. It will be an hour long fight



Shoutout to McDili and his Ghost Hawk

Shoutout to MC who was in that fight 

Shoutout to MC Thomas who kept coming from south of rebel parked near me and still didnt see me 2 times 

Shoutout to NW Phizx who tried to join in the game 10 times but arma wouldent let him on the server...

Shoutout to L who let us know MC was at moonshine processing before we even got there 

Shoutout to Mobundo African Warlord and Lucifer for leading the NW team for this fight 



Members: Mobundo, Lucifer, Mango, Dnasty, Anthony, DogE, Darrenfelt, Poro, Smokey, Reese, AlexXx.

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You missed the real fight with MC vs APD shortly after.

Those guys saved my Tempest! :D


aslo shoutout to NW to having like 30 guys and still losing :) gf

*around 15 at our peak, but good fight nevertheless

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Im confused, How did we (L) let you know that they were coming, We sat at shine distributor for almost 80 minutes with 2 satchels placed, Then we found out that you guys were holding up in rebel so I asked if my guys could come help I got told yes so we came to have a good firefight and a good time overall which was done.

Good fight guys

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shoutout to alex who died like 7 times

I died 1 time when jopple killed me on rocks when i was at moon processor shooting at cake on beach, and then i went to warzone outpost got a boat and came back to rebel from west where none of you were and was just calling out people same as ghostface i tilda ghostfave by dp 25 jsut west of it but didnt wanna go in ... so yah henrick and thomas got fucked tho by me i didnt wanna go in but they came too close to me and taru picked up one guy i was about to kill GF

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