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So this morning I installed Windows 10 and was really happy that it finally worked after numerous tries to where I finally figured out the issue. Windows 10 is great and everything but now the only problem is: I can't play Arma anymore. Every time I open up the launcher and press launch it goes to the black screen with "Arma" on it and stops working. Can't do anything but restart the computer and then cancel the restart to stop it from actually restarting so I can close it. Any help with this? Really bugging me that I can't play Arma now and see the potential performance change. **I can play other games fine like CS:GO and stuff like that**

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Thanks for the help everyone! I got it fixed. Asked a ton of people and Ghostface is A1 and helped me figure the shit out Tree you were on the right track tho too! Just had to update drivers and such and now it's working. Thanks to everyone though for attempting to help me figure this shit out. This community is great :D

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