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Locked Shocking Inconsistency

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42:21 - 47ish



So why is Moob not being punished at all... He is clearly quoting rules as a civ but he gets special treatment and takes no punishment. does it need to be spelt out? He can just talk about it in teamspeak and take no punishment? because that's not how i read that quote.


Numerous times and numerous people have not been given chances to go and talk to admins about their ban they just get banned after they break the rules it makes no sense why moob is given special treatment.

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Good lord.. just because its Moob everyone makes a big deal about it. If it was someone everyone liked no one would even care. Its a game and didn't even affect you, why does it matter?

Trenton it literally doesn't matter who it is if they are going to make rules for people to follow they need to be consistent with those rules and not show blatant favoritism.

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in other news who gives a shit? im not favouring anyone here. all he said was gidgit spawned in it was a hq takeover and thats about it. i dont see an issue here. its not like he is going im recording this your getting banned or its fail rp. we won the hq takeover i dont even see what it matters tbh. the other officers shouldnt of spawned in after dying and if you wasnt involved why do you care? i was involved and i dont give a shit its not even a big deal ....

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Tired of hearing about it, so I'm just gonna clear this right up for ya'll.

Most cops quoting rules bitch and moan about it to get out of a ticket or because they're generally salty.


I'll say right now, upon viewing this myself and watching it 3 times over last night, I actually de-whitelisted Moob myself. When I pulled him in there to tell him why, it was explained that Moob was trying to have a 1 on 1 with Gidgit out of RP and Gidgit consented to it. Moob was politely inquiring.


It came to a point where Gidgit did not know the answer to Moob's question, so they asked Thomas' opinion. It came to the point that Thomas wasn't sure either, and it was brought to me (I wasn't aware of the context, was doing a rebel raid on another server) and I confirmed the rule for him AND Gidgit.


After which, both parties had a 30 minute RP session.


Moob wasn't calling rules in the midst of roleplay, it was a conversation Gidgit consented to prior.


It may be separate but it's worth noting that there was a rule break on the cop's side too.

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