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1 Year.. Time flies


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1 Year Shoutout Post

I have made countless memories on this server, more than i could have possibly imagined. When i logged on this server 1 Year ago i was just a homeschooled kid that saw Altis Life on a Frankiein1080p video.


I have made countless friends over the year. Last year as a antisoical kid that was homeschooled i probably logged 5 hours a day or more on Cop. When i finally got the heart to play Civ the passion never really died. By shear luck i played cop with BillcosbyWarfare a few times and he invited me to join POTP, one of the most dominant gangs at the time. That is really when i fell in love with this server.


Belive it or not at first i was just a quiet sqeaker that didnt talk much. I made friends quick, some that i still play with to this day. Shoutout to Jopple and Skim milk! Eventually i moved on from that and into new things. I got interested in the APD again and my play time lacked. POTP quickly began to crumble after Detroit and Bill left. Many of us became inactive and Tree took over server 1. It didnt last long, a few days before the inevitable end of POTP, BillCosby came back, inviting us all into a new gang called [CROOK].


Crook quickly became one of the best gangs on the servers. We started recruting loads of people, most of which were actually good somehow. Even though Crook lost most of its fights with MC (id say 1/3) we were by far the closest at the time to actually beating them. Crook took the servers by storm, robbing and killing everything in sight. Unlike most of the gangs at the time, Crook thought cartels were a massive waste of time. Instead we focused most of our power on robbing people. I don't think any gang has ever robbed as much as we did in our prime. When we were pulling 12-15 members on 


at a time i don't think a drug run went un-noticed.Soon after the wipe happened. Crook lost a large chunk of its members to the wipe, including myself. The economy was terrible, the servers were dead. Crook was brought to its knees. We didn't give up for a while after this though, we continued to dredge forward. At this time i stopped playing almost 100%, i would log on about once a week.


That didn't mean i wasnt around though. I took to the forums. Often shitposting up to 40 times a day! I eventually started arguing with Hades almost constantly (me and many others) begging him to fix the economy. After several months of relentless arguing,begging, and threads he finally gave in and fixed the dying server. At this point i started playing again. Crook with its renewed vigor picked up almost where it left off ( but not quite) we never really reached what we were before again. The only problem with Crook now was that our leader BillCosby went pro in CSGO, so we lacked a solid foundation. Crook eventually died.


MW then formed with most of our older members. I once again stopped playing. MW lacked solid leadership (shoutout to Walt Jr for being a nig), even though it was most of our same members that Crook had it never took off. After some tyrannical moves by its leaders i left for MC, hoping for better things. Shortly (like 1 day) the rest of MW followed.MC had truly become a powerhouse. With the server still recovering from the wipe and the recent economical change MC went uncontested. Having no one to fight, that was untill Warfare came back with Mayhem. Mayhem was a blast to fight.


Mayhem was close to the caliber of Crook, in some ways we were very similar. They never really reached the prowess and power of MC, but were always right there and ready for a fight. Props to them for always being fun to fight! At this point i became a certified no life. Putting hours and hours into the game, more hours during the day than i ever had before. This continued for several months, these months i consider some of the best on the server (not quite close to the POTP/Crook days though). Eventually Burban came back for about a whole week. This killed Mayhem after there leaders pulled some stunts.


Since then it has been various different gangs MC has fought. Nothing has really been the same in these past few months. A lot of drama, gay rule changes and most of all just lack of desire to play. I wish i could never forget Olympus and the fun times i have had with my friends here. I largely consider this to be one of the best years of my life, mostly because of the experiences i have had on this server and the friends i have made. (Sounds kind of pathetic right LOL).


In conclusion/TLDR thank you all for the wonderful experience i have had on this server. I think that Olympus has really allowed me to express myself in a different way. IRL im a quiet short ginger kid that doesent talk much. On here all i do is talk and post. Some of you hate me for it, but i enjoy it, so suck my cock. Now time for some shoutouts.


Jopple: One of my first friends on the server, you will never be forgotten.

Skim: You have just recently come back, but like jopple you were once of my first friends RIP old weed pro.

BillCosby: One of the best gang leaders there was, sad to see you go. Nevur forget.

Billie sheltz: Suck my dick british tw@ <3

Natsirt: Fucking faggot


TheAntiStud: What a fucking legend

Fat clemenza: I have just recently met you but you give great life advice, you are also witty and extremely smart. In many ways you are a role model.

Pete Malloy

Moob: Can never figure out if you hate me or love me.

Anyone in POTP

Anyone in Crook

Trenton the God: Always been my friend, one of the best players in crook, wish he played more :(

LT Mod snake that gave me PO, not the washed up version we have now

Qaun for being the shit poster i wish i was


Rusty: Good memories, your kinda a menie now tho

Eric Nguyen: Pre faggot eric, before he got a ego larger than his 2 inch dick

Cloak: For some reason not sure why tbh, probably cuz u remind me of devil

Devil: Love you buddy

Nerdz Dejay,Kyle, and EatMeth: How much for a nug?


POTP Kevin

POTP SupplyBox

POTP Nick (Now MC Nick)




Sinister Char





Prae Dubz

Crook Sykes

Tree Jaeger Mannen

Virus for teaching me how to shoot cops in the back at the fed

Ace: For keeping me in check so i dont be even more of a retard

Im sure i missed some, if you think you should have made it let me know, your probably right.


I also average 5.8 posts a day. Which is a lot.

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