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enough said can we please get this mechanic.    IE. going to a certain spot on lets say server 2 knowing that it will give you a advantage vs an opponent on lets say server 1. anti ghosting screen gives a time limit on switching 8-15 minutes to discourage and make the ghost less effective .

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Please tell us more about this big update, you know, the way that real game studios tease their subscriber bases.  I like having something to look forward to.

Rewrite of Altis Life code.

More optimisation, NPC's that move (and are animated), amazingly new designed UI etc

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Guest G.O.A.T.

I think a necessary tweak to this should be: have a 5-15min timer set to where you can not log off cop immediately to civ or vice versa. While it might seem stupid, it would eliminate a lot of the 'meta game' people keep complaining about.

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It's in the big update, it'll come out in about 12 units of time.

Units of time? The anticipation of this update gives me butterflies to my stomach. Lolz 

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