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well, uhm

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Hey everyone...


I know i am not the most loved person in this community, and i've been a pretty terrible rager up until the last few weeks.... 

Story is that i've been dealing with alot of shit the last year on a personal level, and it has taken alot of strength and i've been so tired of everything basicly, and that did reflect my ingame play style on a bad level.... I've taken a lot of breaks and tried to get over it, but up until the last few weeks it just didn't work out for me...


But i recently managed to change that into something positive, i've managed to keep my personal life out of the ingame world, reflected my RP to a more positive style, and some of you have seen it and given me positive feedback that they like the new me, and that really warms my heart... Some of you hate me, some of you don't, however i am who i am, and that is not gonna change, but i am starting to enjoy my time on the server, and the last week or two i've had so much fun trolling the cops and basicly just having a good laugh :D 


So i would like to say that my raging time is over, no more rage, and for thoose of you who will try to get me to rage, if i sence that i will do the better thing and just log off.. Cause i really have no time for kids that want's to get other people mad just so they can have a good laugh of it... I've been the person people have been laughing and made fun of for to long :)


Thanks to thoose who have been there with me and given me support, you guys have made it so that i actually look forward to log on and play with you guys, either it's on civ vs you on cop or the other way around :) SO thank to you all, you guys know who you are... 


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To be fair, its amazing how easily you got mad before. People tend to make fun of others they see as easy targets. You were an easy target and your anger made you vulnerable. Something so simple as following you around in a car would result in "Sir why are you following me" then continuing of said follow would further result in "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME AROUND IU(*#&( FDSUFBUI#$*#((*@ UODBSF(&*(#$*()#) F)NUOSD*F))N" Then i remember one time you were restrained by cops for doing something and you just flipped out calling 8 of us abusive and stuff. For a moment there we all thought you might have an aneurysm and then finally you quieted down ( im guessing you ran out of energy) you were let go and then you walked away mumbling something inaudiable in direct chat...

Glad to see you attempting to make a change, thats always good. Last week I made a shit ton of fucked up comments towards fushigi when he arrested me LOL 

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I remember this one time I slammed a door in your face. See that was funny. You got mad at the door and took it down!!!

hey, never slam a door in a cops face :P cause then the door gets tazed aand gets changed for aiding in your escape xD 

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