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Ice Cream Sirens engage RP

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I would just like to quote this from a recent post...

On 11/19/2015, 1:51:51, Dustin87 said:

Iv'e made lots of good posts... you just have to find them. I troll a little to often for my own good...

"Iv'e made lots of good posts..."

lol ok dustin

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Why not, cops get to engage with sirens let me engage with mine.

1 minute ago, Brennan said:

I would just like to quote this from a recent post...

"Iv'e made lots of good posts..."

lol ok dustin

realize this was written in the past tense, saying that i had previously made good posts. Meaning that this post is currently nullified by that previous claim.

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2 hours ago, Odin said:

Ice cream truck wasn't intended for EVERYONE to use and will be restricted soon. So if you have one, I suggest you sell it before I push the hotfix.

You need to let GI_JOE keep his.. he should be ice cream lead tbh.

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