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Server 3?? Maybe?? :/


Server #3??  

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  1. 1. Add Server #3 ???

    • Yes, Add another server
    • No, Keep it the way it is

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For the past couple of weeks. Especially the past couple of days, server 1 AND 2 have been pretty high populated. Tonight I saw server 1 at 80/80. And 2 76/80. Which I'm very happy to see. I think we should bring server 3 back. Just because there needs to be more of a variety of servers then just 2. We don't have much of a choice but add another server. What are your thoughts Community?? Staff?? Poseidon??

Feel free to vote or leave your thoughts below

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First off, why would you make this pole?  Secondly, if this did in fact have any relevance, why would you put in the R&R section?  Its completely pointless.  The servers are almost never full and resources are always spread thin.  What sense would it make to spread things even thinner.  A few days with 60+ people on the server and you decide to make this pole... Let me explain this to you.  If Poseidon ever did decide to bring server 3 back, he would probably know when the time is right without needing a pole...  

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*Moved to the propper section of the forums* I agree with Muthinator, it's too early to recognize if we need to add another server. You have to keep in mind that servers will be more populated during Arma sales/ Holiday breaks and doesn't necessarily mean we need to add another server.

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