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• Pilot Coveralls 

• GA Carrier Rig GL

• If donor racing helmet, Or ECH Helmet

• Green Bacalava 

• Mtp backpack 

• 20 Redgull, 10 Water, 10 Food, 10 lock picks, 2 blood bag

• Mk18 (20 Mags) Arco & flashlight 

• 9 med kits, 1 tool kit

• Green NVGs

That's what I get. ^

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  • MK18 ABR (21 mags) with ARCO and IR Laser Pointer
  • GA Carrier Rig GL
  • Beret, Beanie, ECH Helmet, or Boonie hat 
  • CSAT Pilot Coveralls or 3 Rip Ghillie (The Green One with Camo padding)
  • Green or Brown NVG's
  • Bergen, or Kitbag / MTP (Rarely use Carryall)
  • 10 Fac's, 1 Toolkit
  • 30 Redgull, 20 Water, 15 Tac Bacon, 6 Lockpicks, 3 Zipties, 2 Blood Bags, and 1 Bolt Cutter
  • Black Balaclava with Combat Goggles, Bandana (Beast) or Bandana (Aviator)
  • Rangefinders and GPS


This is what my normal loadout will look like

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MK18 w/ MRCO and ARCO in MTP Kitbag Flashlight

Pilot Coveralls CSAT

CH Helmet

Aviator Bandanna

5 WHITE smokes, 6 Food, water, gulls, 3 cupcakes, 15 lockpicks and a blood bag. 

15 Mags of 7.62, 2 Meds, 1 Repair and 1 RGO (On occasion ) 


Overall it's a pretty expensive load out to maintain but it's great.

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