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good bye olympus it was fun

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Well for the pass weeks i been deciding to leave or not but i have made my mind and im leaving the server. I have found a new home where i loved like the first days i was on Olympus now it just meh i don't even wanna play on Olympus anymore just not the same like it was :(


I alway tried to make friends on this server and be a good cop so farwell to the people i have meet or made friends over the month i have played here hope you have a good either if your still on the server or not anymore.


I remmeber my first day on Olympus some cadet who was underage might been doom but not sure shot me for no reason then i just trolled him for hours then Hades told your fine for trolling but i was over doing so i had back off then me then weeks later me and Koaiken meet then weed for awhile lol then we kept kasye & bob to make our clan. Weeks later me and Shressy (shocking i know) helped bobby and SGW find their hemmits which got us to join ;p



but if u wanna contract me


LoL : Tarmy

Stream: EvilTerminator

WoW: Dend#1141


im probably going log on 1 more time to give my 13mil to someone


well good bye to the friends i have countered on the server

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Well buddy I never met you but you have to do what make you happy and hope it all goes well man. Thx for da profile boobie picture lol.....ps: also would you like to donate to buy Vegas a home foundation, its 4 a good cause. I'm broke & homeless ( but 4real have fun)

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Oh man i remember the days when i trolled you and stole your red offroad and the cop end up giving u the trouble and not me lol. Dont forget Gorethok lol. The 3 greatest troll in Kavala square back in the days 


I will see you in LoL from time to time man 

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