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Turtle's Intro

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Hello, my name is Turtle I am almost 17 years old and live in America. I have been playing this server off and on since around November 2014.


My history on this server

This was the first server I ever joined on Arma 3 and still my favorite <3

A month or so after I joined this server me and my friends joined OG. Where we met a lot of cool people that we still play with today.

Then, A while after us joining OG the gang started to die so a couple of us started up a gang called 420. After around a month we all quit Arma 3 for a bit.

Finally, around 2 weeks ago I came back and brought back most of my friends with me.


Extra Info

I used to care if people didn't like me so I have used 19 different aliases. 

Heres some (Turtle, Sad Turtle, [OWL] Ninja Turtle, Brandon, [420] Skunk Shot, [420] Maui Wauwie, [420] Ninja Turtle,[OG] Sad Turtle, and [OG] ILiveToFuckMoink)






          I LIKE TURTLES






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38 minutes ago, Bow said:

You used your font size as your age. Put it back down to the default 12.

Alright now that i'm done crying you want me to put the font size to 12 to make it easier for people with special needs like yourself?

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