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Should Medics be allowed in civil warzones?

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Tbh, Medics should not be able to respond to cartels. C'mon, why does a Medic risk going to the most dangerous area of the map where even APD is afraid to go?

Also adds an extra edge to cartel fights.

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30 minutes ago, Ozzy Jones said:

If you don't want a medic in the cartel fight, fire warning shots or send a text and that medic will almost always be gone.  Problem is when people try to "have their cake and eat it too" - get their friends revived but not their enemies.

This sums up my opinion. I know it's annoying to have to deal with a medic running around a cartel fight, especially when they can and sometimes do tip the scales in another gang's favor. However, requiring a medic to be escorted into a cartel by the APD would be the same as stating medics are not allowed to enter at all. Rarely do the APD have time to escort medics anywhere, let alone a cartel fight. Entering a cartel requires at least 3 officers including a sergeant. EMT's are lucky to get a single PO when requesting an escort into lesser red zones.

Making medics KOS would likely yield the same result. Not many would make the tiring journey to cartel island know there is a 95% chance they'll be domed within the first minute of being in render distance.

IMO if rebels want a cartel fight with no medics, just have a gentlemen's agreement not to request. The medics won't come if no one asks them to.

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