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SITREP about my gpu

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So after my gtx 560 TI said goodbye to this earth, I bought an Asus Strix 970 yesterday.

I use a dual-monitor setup. 

The newer screen is an LG, connects with DVI-I through an adapter to the GPU, the 2nd is an older ACER, connects with HDMI through an adapter to the gpu


Whatever I do, I can't make the HDMI connection work. I've tried to switch everything. Both monitors are working, windows sees there are 2 monitors ( I can change resolution on the ACER, set it as #1 or #2 monitor, but there's  no picture at all through the HDMI.


Any ideas pls?


I'm going to buy an SSD today, and try to install a clean windows on it, and let's see what's gonna happen



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11 minutes ago, Grandma Gary said:

Does the HDMI connection work if the other monitor isn't connected?

Idek know dude I'll test it.


edit: there we go. It does not

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Sounds weird i didn't have this problem with mine but i found a thread about it try to find out if the HDMI port on you monitor is a 1.3 or 2.0 HDMI port it could be your monitor that doesn't support the 2.0 HDMI

Oh and a side note if you think about using the Asus GPU Tweak dont the hotkeys conflict with european keyboards and will disable some of buttons i had this problem i even found the settings in the program files and changed them from there didn't work it kept going back to its original setup

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I went back to the store, told the guys about my problem, they gave me another vga-Hdmi adapter, and it works.. I almost started to pull my hair out, but it's solved.

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