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Any fix for the 3 frame glitch

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Does anyone have a fix to the three frame glitch. After playing a few hours my game with glitch and go to three frames. The only way to fix it is to soft log, eventually it happens so often you have reboot the pc. Thanks in advance.  

Cpu i7 950

Gpu gtx 970

12 g of ram. 

Nothing seems to get over worked.  Gpu never really pases 30% cpu never passes 50% and I only get 30 frames.. 

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lower the quality maybe in game or view distance like rendering?? i found this now ive no idea if it will work honestly https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/14/558752451154900119/ its about increasing your frames. I did read the comments it seems to work for some so you could try it? or this http://www.battleguns.net/forum/m/7737561/viewthread/6153624-arma-3-cpu-optimization-low-fps-fix good luck

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Make sure you have your driver up-to-date because if they aren't sometimes your FPS will be capped and, in your case, may be bugged. Also, try using start perimeters to make sure Arma has access to use more ram and more video ram. This may fix it, or you may just need to re-install. 

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