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so i was on teamspeak with a few other guys when a higher up police officer joins the channel to talk to me (no names will be said) he basically said "if you need any help with APD i could ask him" and that meant a lot to me coming from a guy i barely ever talked to but i still respect so much. But not 5mins later when we were still in the channel some kid (not older than 12) joins asking the higher up how much d*** he sucked to reach his rank? I was like "what... why the hell would anyone say that to someone." I was totally dumb founded, the higher up was such a nice guy to basically everyone I have seen him talk to yet some kid has the nerve to ask him that. I am telling you guys, some kids man really need to learn to respect others. I know this is just a game but seriously? That kind of shit is not necessary in any way shape or form.   

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The person in question here has already been delt with a couple of weeks ago. He only returns to troll and be a annoyance. Which has resulted in him taking a permanent vacation. 


The issue in question has been dealt with.

alright thank you this kind of stuff really bothers me ^.^

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7 minutes ago, Lincoln Williams said:

this is bullshit!!!  Unban mystery kid as this is a normal thing now!!!











Wanted to join in on the bring back downvote movement by reviving old posts for no reason. But still... unban the troll. 

Bro this is a 5 year old post wtf xD

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