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  1. Jesse
    Latest Entry

    By Jesse,

    Small hot-fix to fix a few things/add a few things.

    "Texture Bugs"A big thing here is the texture bug attempt that was given to admins has proved to be a pretty large success. If we receive positive feedback from you guys, we'll probably share some information with BI and see if it helps them in their search for the root cause.

    • All players who are downed are now able to be restrained.
      • Can restrained downed APD/R&R/Civs using your windows key or assigned key
      • You need a primary weapon out to restrain a player
    • APD uniforms by civilians should now default to Patrol Officer instead of Cadet
    • Illegal virtual items in a vehicle should be displayed when vehicles are searched by APD
    • Reduced number of turtle zones
      • Turtles can only be collected inside the zones
    • Vehicles will no longer be automatically fixed when towed by R&R
    • R&R toolkit cost now comes from their bank
    • Admin Island exploit fixed
    • APD Searches will now payout for all the searched quantity instead of one item, also uses split pay function
    • R&R can tow go-karts
    • Texture bug fixer hacky hot-fix added for all players.
      • This feature monitors your frame rate and attempts to detect if you get a texture bug, it then proceeds to try and fix it.
      • You can disable this feature by pressing F6.
      • We recommend restarting your game ASAP after the fix happens. (Obviously at a time you're not going to break rules/etc)
    • Big Tower near Blackwater is no longer damaged
    • Tab will cancel processing now
    • New rebel location on the south west cartel island
    • Sofia cartel has received a slight redesign


    • Reconfigured how pressing Tab cancels processing :KappaHD:
      • You can now alt tab...
      • You can now move around in the 10m processing radius using WASD...
    • New cartel location added to the map
    • Castle cartel flag location has been adjusted to a "better" position
    • Updated content menu to reflect this update


    Known Issues:

    Turtles can be gathered everywhere but in the circle because I decided to put || instead of &&....  Killing myself.