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  1. How about we remove them and add them to a blackwater drop?
  2. agreed
  3. How do you think I got 75m its because i'm a Jew about money as you can tell ^.^
  4. Earlier today I accident bought 98 redgull for 140k sell them back and i get 9k like wtf also accidentally bought a large storage crate to only get 5k back when i sell it whats up with that shit? Can the Dev's possibly fix the sell back price or no?
  5. They get me everytime
  6. Both
  7. Just buy em at the place shop
  8. I mean just rob a cop for there shit its not hard at all i personally have loads of cop guns in my houses about 10mxs , 1 CMR , 1 type 115 and 3 mxms acquiring cop gear is very easy also whats stopping these vigis from getting rebel gear aswell any vigi can before they get there vigi license just buy a loadout at rebel before buying there vigi license.
  9. I got rev <3