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  1. police

    I am not worried about being blind folded while transported, that is not the issue, the issue for me would be when im blindfolded and just sitting there on a black screen while the cops get into a shoot out or they forget about me, that would be my issue. I agree with some of the other people ive seen talking about how you should wait til youre actually moving someone to blindfold them. I would prefer to not sit there for 15 minutes blind folded. Id rather just get up and walk away.
  2. police

    What do you mean by that?
  3. police

    Well I have been "Combat Blindfolded" 2 times already, one by a policeman and one by a vigilante. I know that vigi rules are not as strict but damn fix it guys cmon. Just make it a bar like "Blindfolding player" and have it just take like 10-15 seconds.
  4. police

    So wait a minute, youre telling me that the police are allowed to employ the use of blindfolds? What is that trash? I can tell you whats going to happen right now is, combat blind folds. *Tazed* restrained and blindfolded within the same second. Add an animation because you know they will blind fold you every time you are arrested, no matter what.
  5. 4 thousand dollars!