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  1. One of the best admins on the server and one of the few who i never had beef with. 07 On that note. >Olympus isent dying >Multiple admins/high ranking apd members leaving >Olympus isent dying we get 100s of people every day >Rule breaking is on the rise >Olympus is the best altis life server out there >Thats sadly true and to say that breaks my fucking heart i remeber when trolls did innocent things now its just fucking awful and turing everyone away. Incoming post hidden
  2. MFW i dont play olympus anymore i dont know why i still post and im still to lazy to move to strafe
  3. Its the AMD bottleneck buy a decent CPU I5 atleast you shouldent experience such bad fps.
  4. I love this thread.
  5. Used to run a I5 and GTX 745 got a constant 35 in cities and 60-70 outside Fiddle with settings and dont fuck your computer.
  6. A sloppy hand job and 2 chicken nuggers
  7. This streamer randomly bought me a game hes legit a nice ass guy. Go follow him if you like Dead by daylight & League. https://www.twitch.tv/orcabite 11:53 SlyFoxy7477: Please dont bro i dont need the dlc 11:54 SlyFoxy7477: ; - ; 11:54 SlyFoxy7477: no 11:54 Your message was not sent because you are sending messages too quickly. 11:54 SlyFoxy7477: Auri, This is not a pay to win game. sorry Best Wishes, git gud 11:54 SlyFoxy7477: Im going to decline it ; - ; 11:54 SlyFoxy7477: Did you already pay for it? 11:55 SlyFoxy7477: Declining it 11:55 SlyFoxy7477: Declined 11:56 SlyFoxy7477: Thanks bro you dident need to 11:56 SlyFoxy7477: i accepted it lol 11:56 SlyFoxy7477: Ill play 100 hours on it to prove its P2W 11:56 SlyFoxy7477: thanks bro lol INB4 i get a ban for advertising.
  8. Im ashamed to have the same keyboard as you.
  9. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5870027108
  10. So like should i make a website for gang wars betting
  11. Lol hes salty cause he shot at us cause some randy shot at him and he thought it was us we took him hostage shot him then he makes this post prob poor
  12. So me and my friend were robbing Mr.Chapman at cow manure he took his tempest to his house and called cops the cops came in !!!!WITH THEIR SIRENS ON!!!! So after i moved into a building to get a good shot and i got a shot on the cop i 1 tapped him withen 3 minutes i was banned for RDM like what the fuck. Sirens are engagement arent they? So why was i banned? We did kill them a fuck ton in the past 2 hours so im guessing salt or wrong judgement and only going off 1 side of the story. This is the only bad experience ive had with admins but this really pisses me off.