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  1. Im just being completely honest. Shit talking and trolling was half the fun for me. Once they started heading down the "liberal" path and banning people for "toxic" I stopped playing. Why the fuck would I want to play somewhere that I cant tell the person I killed they were a fucking autist
  2. This is why I quit this server. Couldnt handle the advanced autism from the admins/mods. People getting their feelings hurt online lmfao. Pussy ass bitches I swear
  3. gang life = trash, idk how a server wipe would help that.
  4. censorship in 2017 lul
  5. LOL this is a joke right?
  6. I dont think a single gang wars has ever been successful, peter long calls it his baby but in reality its a down syndrome child with 2 months to live. There is always debate, locations are usually trash, takes forever to set up and takes forever to stream, people always bitch whine and complain on the fucking forums. Gang wars is a shit show and to anyone coming to this server it makes it look like shit too. If you have time to watch a 6 hour arma stream where half the stream is a screen saying "we will be back" you should find something to do in your spare time. People take this shit way to serious
  7. can confirm wasnt me
  8. was just curious it was rumored to be happening but didnt see it lol tone it down hehe xd
  9. where is reversing the hospitals on this