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  1. Sanguine, sanguine, it's a catchy name. What does Sanguine mean? 

    1. Sanguine


      optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

    2. Ghost Robles

      Ghost Robles

      Wow, nice. Adding that to my dictionary. 

  2. by prev chief for I couldn't even tell you. if he politely wants to reiterate I've asked many times so idk. but if they don't want me whatever. was just seeing. i always role played so idk why i was removed id rather talk then shoot
  3. We are all going to be having a good oppurtunity to play a shit ton more then normal, so lets start on a positive foot and give everyone a fresh start.
  4. that’s gonna have to be some ban appeal he writes.
  5. yea yea big fat coronavirus pandemic
  6. Playing against this idiot lol.

    1. Strikke


      Sanguine is a fun attribute in Mythic+ ? 

  7. Kids going to kavala with a gun looking for bambis to get there rocks off to the power of trip of having someone comply with them sporadically yelling "hAN DS UP OR DIE" through there $11.99 microphone are the ones you should look out for with all this hit nonsense now taking fruition.
  8. i liek fuck that non petrol shit just kidding nice.
  9. i got removed a few too many times
  10. I am blacklisted and its sad please unblacklist me the apd is number 1
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