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  1. Playing against this idiot lol.

    1. Strikke


      Sanguine is a fun attribute in Mythic+ ? 

  2. Kids going to kavala with a gun looking for bambis to get there rocks off to the power of trip of having someone comply with them sporadically yelling "hAN DS UP OR DIE" through there $11.99 microphone are the ones you should look out for with all this hit nonsense now taking fruition.
  3. i liek fuck that non petrol shit just kidding nice.
  4. i got removed a few too many times
  5. I am blacklisted and its sad please unblacklist me the apd is number 1
  6. The mistakes I made in the past are just that -- mistakes. I have changed.

  7. no i legitimately think your post was hilarious it wasn't sarcasm. don't be so self conscious of your "vice" its just enjoying the game and the social aspect of it who cares lmao.
  8. wrangler gang. nice 07 post btw.
  9. my girlfriend has the exact same make model color and build this just tripped me out... that's hilarious lmao. love driving it, beauty.
  10. we're both from nj. heres a tip. take a small car if possible, and line your mirrors up before you parallel park. no arma is not an effective training method
  11. a friend of mine has the same z type, respect they are beasts, especially with the right muffler
  12. oooooo, and I already have the tune, first thing i hopped on when i purchased the car. beautiful car/color pattern brother. lmao i hope you haven't spun a hub on yours
  13. .. what kind of nice vehicles are the community rocking? personally have a santorini blue BMW m3 2016 cs.. my baby for almost a year now. thanks for any replies. hope to get some beauts.
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