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  1. Bring back server 2 24/7, means people have more money and the server pop doesn't drop because everyone is poor AF
  2. I spawned in before the conquest rebels had spawned and I had no shield so died instantly I attended the first S3 a month or so back, not sure if that was malden or not tbh
  3. First spawn into S3 needs to instantly give you shield, was fun tho
  4. For the past three or four days now S1 had "randomly crashed" at around the same time each day, can something be done about it?
  5. Makes sense the shed probably wouldn't be used for runs, just for spawning for fights
  6. Fairs may need to be tommorow then as I'm on a 6am start tommorow
  7. 525k and i can sell it right now?
  8. It's 50 wpts in rebel, so thats 600k i'll do 475k or 38 wpts

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