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  1. Finally, an update we can all get behind

  2. Wait they all traveled together to have sex with the same kid they met online Are we sure all of these people aren't from Olympus? Also also Holy fuck can you imagine all those people walking into a public place together? There was no sting operation they fucking fit the role perfectly
  3. I didn't know dodge became a GM company
  4. I should've killed all the Twinkletoes when I met them Except you QT
  5. A year ago tomorrow my mother's best friend killed herself. She was always an aunt to me, so in honor of her memory I will be posting a couple links to fundraisers. The first one will be for one of her sons alone, who has been fighting Wests Syndrome for the last 5 years. He wasn't expected to make it past 3 weeks, kiddo has a heart like his mom. Second one is for all 3 of her children, making sure they have a good future life to live. This post is a little nice for what a usually post but I just thought I'd leave these here. https://www.gofundme.com/f/karingforkyler?fbclid=IwAR3ArD4OZuL2fxPqLqM8hyBC-G8YEkxieGsg0gNnY8uvfdvdeP0mV8yI1Gg https://www.gofundme.com/f/87wgvq-childrens-trust-fund?fbclid=IwAR1T-1WdTVEMNA6kDBwXM9C7IgVF-LtJx4l0f738RCWntN9rDyVv2gEtO4g If you want to read about baby Kyler, here is a site that Indy managed before she died. http://www.karingforkyler.com/kyler-s-story.html Thanks to all that read this
  6. Fr go check out my stream you assholes

  7. Attention rich people 

    If you have an oculus quest for sale I only have $250 but I really want one 

    @DashTonic 😉 

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