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  1. @Grandma Gary Did you check that guy's ban appeal?

  2. Mustache

  3. Mustache

    I know I already made a joke retirement post about social security or whatever but now that things are changing so much I think it is finally time to say goodbye. I'll always have memories, whether it's doing a 6-hour heroin run with a glitched hunter, or the many, many hours I spent after school on cop talking to deputies like I owned them. Attached is my strike system. Maybe someone will find it funny. I will be unfortunately heading off to college in August to study law and thus start my life. Scary shit. o7 boys. Strikes.txt
  4. Mustache

    Bump? You posted this shit 2 hours ago
  5. @codeYeTi :wacko:


    Most positive influence on the APD and the whole server in general. Put a lot on the line and got nothing out of it. Fuck you all.

    1. codeYeTi


      omg that morning twas the greatest!

    2. Unjo
    3. communistjosh


      Who is this @codeYeTi character?

  6. Mustache

    You told me I could have it on stream
  7. Mustache

    Isn't prostitution illegal?
  8. Mustache

    A bunch of people new to the server armed with rooks A lot more entertaining than getting ddos’d
  9. Mustache

    Free @Xlax?
  10. Mustache

    Annnnnd thank you Nerdy
  11. Mustache

    Eh. I think it’s nice RP to blow up shit so they can’t search it. People do that in real life. Problem is, you get the stuff back so it makes sense. I guess. #CopBuff?
  12. Worst deputy of my time +2
  13. Mustache

    You could always do this
  14. Mustache

    Come on guys I was the best cop
  15. Mustache

    Retard can't even cheat right

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