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  1. Aidan/Bob

    Got any rpgs left?
  2. Aidan/Bob

    How much is one zafir and how much for one belt i will also buy the titans
  3. Aidan/Bob

  4. Aidan/Bob

    70000000 people of various age and of the other gender ..
  5. Aidan/Bob

    With being in a time limit of 15 minutes what is your best advice on how you do hostage situations?
  6. Aidan/Bob

    I GOT THIS FAMM!! Happened to me before it was bs. All you have to do is create a new player profile. This will reset campaign and koth but is worth it
  7. Aidan/Bob

    Where do I report a person for breaking rules
  8. Aidan/Bob

    Do it right now he will get permed
  9. Aidan/Bob

    I was the other person he scammed, he took 1.25 mill from me and was really convincing, he changes his name ALOT so people get off his hack because he is easily one of the most hated people on the server. I was pretty skeptical at first but he made it very convincing and at the end he still scammed me. This guy doesn’t care how hard or long you work for your money as long as it benefits him he’s fine with it Also if anyone has any videos able to ban him DO IT it’s better for the community, -[prae] Aidan

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