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    i almost lost my father from a brain aneurysm that nearly took his life a year or so ago. And i didn't even know it initially happened, holed up in the basement, gaming, couldn't hear the sirens, or my own mother panicking to see if he was still breathing, climbed out to find an empty home. Uncle shows up at the door 30min after midnight, telling me to sit down because the news is dire. But after a small pressure draining he's right back up, no trouble, until the stroke hits and he's in Emergency Care for almost 9 months, fitted metal coils in his brain kept him from dying, and in a medically induced daze, dad's more worried about me, ME? wanting to know if i'm okay, always asking for me when i'm not at the hospital to see him. I know the tragedy of loss, that sharp twinge in your chest, you'd hope you've spent more time in their lives Gotten to know them more and filled in any gaps you may have missed out on. Celebrate the moments you shared and leave a memory that wont cause guilt, or pain, but joy, profound and happy that you got to be a part of their life. Take the time you need to acknowledge what has transpired; there's no reason to shut out the feelings, we live with them. You got this man! If you wanna chat, let me know; i'm all ears!

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