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  1. yo homie g its been awhile

    1. Eddy Spagooti

      Eddy Spagooti

      yes it has... ive been a busy man recently

    2. Johnny Rico

      Johnny Rico

      same same been busy with work

    3. Eddy Spagooti

      Eddy Spagooti

      i usually play medic and cop tho so im still on and around


  2. yo homie g its been awhile

  3. i rarely update my drivers till i need them but it happens when you update your drivers i would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling Geforce experience after updating drivers
  4. i found more RAM 16gb+ and faster ram speeds to be a big help to arma 3 ddr4 2400mhz or higher seems to work back when i had a potato as a laptop
  5. i love a good read when i'm making money, thanks.
  6. na i already own 7 of them im trying to upgrade to 4 crater so no thank you
  7. Im looking for a 4 crate house in dp 21 message me details if your willing to sell a 4 crate house on server 2
  8. Nice update looks really good, thanks for the hard work dev team.

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