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  1. Your not the best at math no offense

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    2. Lucki


      Math > English Grammar. English grammar only applies in one language, which isn't always someone's first language. Math is universal.

    3. Jester


      Yeah, but in this instance grammar is more important because we are speaking English.

    4. KrispyK



      multiplication first

      im in college

  2. Barrett Poly

    Actually, Multiplication and division are equal. Its whichever comes first in the equation. It works the same way with addition and subtraction So in fact it IS 9
  3. I have been sitting here waiting for an APD interview with 3 other guys and its been 3.5 hours, and another about hour before this. Why does this take so fudging long!?

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    2. Jester


      My question is why did you message a lieutenant. But yeah, just be patient

    3. Julian
    4. RogueMK


      Out of all the seniors to tag you tagged the most inactive one lol enjoy the longer wait xD


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