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  1. is anyone streaming the monopoly games

  2. When they are responding to a situation in a red zone cops must wait till they all die before they can depart from the hq and must be done all at once. So you as a civ will have some time to leave the area while they have to drive back. but this rule doesnt apply if you arent in a redzone, so they can just come back each time they spawn in
  3. can we make comp request for stuff we got legit that was lost due to rollback?

  4. make it so you can still scalpel people in cop restraints. when you try to it says they must be in zip ties or something 

    1. BENJI


      that used to be the strat back in the day

  5. make it so you can repair houses like you can with gang sheds

  6. why did the thing where it said who killed you on your death screen get removed? i thought it was pretty useful 

    1. Millennium


      wait it did?

    2. Zahzi


      It'll be fixed in the hotfix


    3. Lantik


      I didnt even notice it disappeared

  7. how close is the house bug to being fixed its quite annoying

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      21955 are the houses numbers on server 1

    3. Fraali


      I'll look into it, thanks for the info

    4. Caleb Snackbar
  8. i sold one so i have 3 still im on server 1 if you are able to get on
  9. Tasers: 10 mxs 4 types 1 promet mr Other: 5.8 supp t4 vest 2 pilot covs promet sg
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