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  1. Can we please not go on cooldown if we get someone who is on a cool down like it’s so annoying and I’ll be last one to bet someone then bet them again and they will be on cooldown and I won’t then I get a cooldown and it’s just bad 

  2. Caleb Snackbar

    Nlr doesn’t apply for warzone btw
  3. Caleb Snackbar

    Definitely more than a week though man left me in pygros after he yelled at me and tped me to him for kosing him
  4. Caleb Snackbar

    Just sit in kavala and bet people till you go broke then sell some moonshine
  5. Caleb Snackbar

    Why couldn’t this be a status update?
  6. Caleb Snackbar

    Wait pygros rebel or moonshine cause someone else said moonshine is getting moved
  7. Caleb Snackbar

    Rules definitely say you can just shoot someone right after you restrain them I don’t understand why he was banned. I demand a full owner pardon and for him to be compensated the 2.5million he speaks of
  8. Caleb Snackbar

    Well you can’t store it to avoid a engagement, so if they are flying towards you obviously or are landing and about to shoot then yes would be considered combat storing but if they are no where in sight and the 5 minutes have passed it should be fine
  9. Caleb Snackbar

    We need a buff to counter them taking our qillins away
  10. I really enjoy driving qillins... oh wait
  11. Caleb Snackbar

    Wtf are we suppose to drive around now suv and hatch aren’t good at driving off-road. Legit the few people that wanted Qillins removed got it removed but the many who want vigis removed can’t get it removed makes sense
  12. Caleb Snackbar

    Combat medic
  13. Legit gonna have to start driving dep wagons around spent way to much on qillin insurance after today from the hacker blowing them up 

    1. Ronin


      at least you don't lose gear

  14. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/957469508560016199/50050BEA3278BC5FB632FD32FE2E8E8DE53E128C/ average day 

    1. Pablo_Escobar


      it was probably the hacker that we ran into 


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