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  1. Caleb Snackbar

    Why would anyone want to join slugs?
  2. Caleb Snackbar

    support team is legit useless, you go into support room then get moved by a staff member that tells you to just make a support ticket, or the actual support team just says to make a support ticket
  3. Caleb Snackbar

    Ikr what a scammer
  4. Caleb Snackbar

    Like I have 8 gb of ram and I recently have been keeping task manager open on my 2nd monitor and i realized that most of my ram is being use up so, maybe open task manager while playing and check that
  5. Caleb Snackbar

  6. Caleb Snackbar

    Once you get rdmed once just stop going back what do you have to gain from it anyway you are just ruining chances of getting comp or being able to submit, two wrongs doesn’t make a right
  7. Caleb Snackbar

    Like even if someone else breaks rules doesn’t give you the right to, then everyone would just say “I thought I got rdmed so I should be able to break nlr”
  8. Congrats @Homicide

    1. Jester


      For what

    2. Rossco
    3. Jester


      3 minutes ago, Rossco said:

      Meme @Jester

      Oh lol

  9. Caleb Snackbar

    What bit do you guys play 64x or 32x
  10. Caleb Snackbar

    Ikr I always get lag spikes or texture bug things whenever I get shot at or something is happening
  11. Caleb Snackbar

    Homicide is doing it for his donation goal not the likes btw
  12. Caleb Snackbar

    Why do you keep changing the post like now we losing the votes on other posts
  13. Caleb Snackbar

    Weren’t you the vigi that got pissed that he was losing his tier 1 vigi

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