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  1. Bralls

    I'd consider it a hostile action so what i'm understanding is they don't have tags because if they have tags your already engaged. They are raiding a house you are in/shooting at it. If they are just shooting at it maybe not a hostile action unless they hit you. i think if they are raiding there would be no reason why you couldn't shoot them you are in the house being raided and it's your "friends house".
  2. Bralls

    o7 Bojo u forgot to @ me but it’s ok. You were someone I looked up to and you were the first tree member I thought of as a friend didn’t play with you really but I bet if we did there would be good memories. Great guy with a great personality.
  3. Bralls

    o7 ignis
  4. Bralls

    opps want me dead
  5. Bralls

    2 weeks
  6. Bralls

    a nobody just leave
  7. Bralls

    God damn it bojo do i really have to edit and @ u
  8. Bralls

    Well this is it. Its been a good run had a lot of fun playing with everyone. I just wanna say this community is absolutely amazing. It started as a video game server and went into a family. I've met so many amazing people and had so many amazing memories but I think its time to say goodbye. I'm not gonna mention anyone because your all shit wait wait i mean great people. Ehh I guess ill mention a couple. I'm really leaving only because I've lost interest in Arma. The game leaves but the memories and how much of a big part this game played in my life stays. @Grego For always being that little fucker in the back of my head trying to motivate me to play arma and do great things<3<3. @ikiled For giving me a second chance and leading me down the right road someone I strive to be like. @Ryan @drama What do I have to say had some good memories and being the best staff duh. @LukeTheCoop My little underage buddy<3. @Pledge Thank you for giving me a chance for being in the APD. @Mercury Thank you for the chance to be in the R&R. @Kyle Lake your ok i guess.... Just kidding ly. @Slumberjack This man is the definition of NICE and helpful. @Rexo All the fine times on cop and being toxic in your room. Thanks for being a great friend. @Ignis Great guy spawns me frits when i need em. @bojo stfu i wont even @ u right @community PERFECTION. The Great Tree for being a great gang filled with great people trying to get me back in the community. If i didn't @ you trust me I didn't forget about you Probably will pop around everyone once and a while and might chill on fourms, but this is it. I'm gone peace<3 Will miss u all.
  9. @drama Do you not love me :unsure: wheres the follow waaaa

    1. Grego
    2. drama


      For your 12th birthday I’ll give you a follow

    3. Bralls


      @drama ): its gonna be a while i just turned 10 3/4

  10. Bralls

    on god @Piotrus your mad stupid throw your laptop in a fire bud. Everything these people are sating is right all u need to know right here.
  11. Bralls

    ayy @drama gets my vote he a g
  12. Bralls

    perfect whole playlist
  13. Bralls

  14. Bralls

    Who tf is dat guy

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