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  1. When will the list be implemented
  2. You have to be next level stupid or spam the N word to get banned...
  3. You're probably some white 12 year old keyboard warrior that makes his grandma serve him cans on fanta and chips... I wouldn't talk
  4. I wouldn't talk about a big gang such as Noble when you are a very small gang at this point in time, no reason for that. But the real question is why are you complaining about not being able to make money and not having time to put in? Clearly stats say otherwise...
  5. Will buy any rare/bw gear, cop gear, vehicles, armoured vehicles people want to get rid of. Reply to this post, msg me on forums, or msg me on discord Arres#4140
  6. @Makodo you have a response to this matter
  7. Lil Savage


    hm for the 7.62 sups? if u give me a bundle deal i'll buy both.

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