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  1. I get jack shit done when it's online cuz I get distracted too easily lol
  2. That's the problem... They know that if they don't respond people will get barely any money. It's also not worth their time and money.
  3. +1 spent 2.5 mil last night and got 130k from playing with 4000 point group. Poggers
  4. And each vault is like 10 mins... that's a full fed
  5. depending on the amount of cops that show up
  6. Casino was added, don't go it's rigged. Art gallery was added, don't go it's dogshit. 5 cops needed for a 300k painting that takes 7 minutes to go. Bank was changed so it depends on the # of cops online and # of cops that respond, so like 750k if you get all 3 vaults. APD got buffed.
  7. +1 to add more majors and change bank. Bank isn't worth it and super hard to hold atm.
  8. I mean there’s a big similarity between them... they both need a large supply of insulin shots, so based on that it’s pretty much confirmed
  9. Lil Savage


    Can someone teach owen how to spell? thanks.
  10. Lil Savage


    Also how did I run you off the server lol
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