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  1. I think it would be great. You are one of the few people I have meet who honest to god want this server to get better. Most people complain about the server but do nothing to change it. I think if u make strides to better this server u will be successful. You are very persuasive and could get a lot of changes done. Go for it. You have my +1
  2. This idiot got mad that i downvoted him when 32 people did as well and him and his little butt buddy just went to all of my post and downvoted me
  3. Does anyone know if there will be a conquest today?

    1. Rafa


      No conquest today due to gang wars 

    2. Zahzi


      there will be if GW is over by conquest time

  4. Gang base skirmish started. Isnt that supposed to be tomorrow? 

    1. Skys


      what do you expect from Olympus staff LOL

    2. Ryan


      @ Skys  sir its automated, not a staff error!

    3. Skys


      @ Ryan  ooh my bad 😞 

  5. Unlike u I dont want to make a montage of just singles and fights are dead right now so havnt really had the chance to get montage clips
  6. y did he post this shitty singetage lol. Almost every clip is a single that wasn't even hard to get. He even got a clip of him on roach rocks in there lol
  7. The guy has already been blacklisted
  8. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear (insert name here), happy birthday to you.

  9. dont forget about this lovely addition Exception: R&R and Silla, (-s-) tagged or not may be shot on site due to be being deemed domestic terrorist groups.
  10. Didnt u used to do that lol
  11. What is with all the clips of you sniping people standing still and body camping to get a double kill lmao I mean the edits at the beginning and the gernade on the APD were pretty cool but the rest was kind of bad. Majority of the clips were either complete roach plays (like sniping the people on salt flats or shooting a guy from a building then shooting another guy after the medic rezed him) or kills on people that were naked. But this is just my opinion. Either way the editing was good and the idea is cool but it lacked in the "plays" department.
  12. pretty sure he said this to get an admin to stop them. if he made a player report it would have taken like 3 days for an admin to see it lmao
  13. Ummmmmmm..........how was that breaking the rules? U were participating in a jail

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