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  1. Before looking at the roster I knew some people wouldn't bother showing up with the POV recording rule. Good luck to all who are participating, I assume this event will be streamed on twitch?
  2. Might as well add Zeus load outs to dope crates.
  3. Gang Wars Cheat Busting Edition. I hope we get more of this excitement too.
  4. Slav

    Im Upset

    Me when I see an emoji in a post
  5. Slav


    Somewhat true. Dayz doesn’t even fully use the Enfusion engine, but rather small parts of it. The rest of the engine is still being worked on/will be used for other games, like Arma 4. I’m sure there will be some adaptations made to keep the modding community alive, since it is what keeps their games going for so many years after release. I heard they were working on making it easier and more optimal for the modding community with their engine since it locks many people out from willing to incorporate themselves in that side of the game. Personally, SQF coding is fine in my opinion but could be improved in someways, which is what I think Bohemia Interactive is looking into. I mean, Bohemia Interactive has essentially used it in their games starting with operation flashpoint in 2002. I don’t think it’s going to be something they abandon, but rather, improve alongside the engine.
  6. Slav


    Quality content. I mean, it’s only natural. Just gotta survive until Arma 4. But imagine the community will have the most members it ever has had when Arma 4 drops and an Olympus server starts up. If Bohemia interactive shows any inkling of intelligences, which I imagine they have, Arma 4 will perform better than Arma 3, improve upon the existing content, and greatly support the modding/Arma players that enjoy developing their own missions/servers.
  7. Slav


    Arma 3 is a dying game in itself. Only about like 15k users are on at any given time. Then everyone of that 15k is divided into different communities from KOTH and milsim to roleplay servers. Everyone is just waiting for the next game to come out. Which I imagine will be somewhat shortly since Arma is Bohemia’s biggest game lineup. I heard that they are building a new engine called Enfusion and I can say confidently that Arma 4 will be the most popular Arma game to date. The engine they are making will certainly outperform the Arma 3 engine, and we have already seen snippets of it in Dayz Standalone. I don’t like Dayz Standalone compared to the mod. However, no one can deny that it runs significantly better than Arma 3 in terms of performance. The performance of Dayz and the future improvements to gameplay from Arma 3 will push Arma 4 into a new light.
  8. Father of three*. Chief Error made another post and apologized for forgetting the really young one he had. Also, this is actually a really wholesome thing to add. Who knew that this community who loves to shit talk would also have each other’s backs when serious shit happens. Wish I knew the lad, Rest In Peace.
  9. I agree. Though, as we all know, the electoral college system will never change and the United States will forever be locked in a two party system. The system will remain unchanged. Everyone hates the electoral college until it aids whatever political party you’re supporting. But for political parties, there is no point in changing the system. You would need to win the election in order to effectively change it. So why would they change the system if they already won via the electoral college? The same thing can be depicted in Canada. Justin Trudeau in 2015 was claiming that he will get rid of the first past the post system, however, when he won under such a system he found no need to change it. His cabinet said there was no clear consensus on behalf the Canadian people that we wanted the change even though the governments own survey said 80% of Canadians support the change away from first past the post. At the end of the day, the election is going to roll like the ones before it. There are going to be heavy one sided states that only vote for one party like Texas and California. Biden and Trump just need to attract swing voters. Im not American, so I obviously can’t vote. But if I was eligible I honestly wouldn’t even go to the voting station. Biden, is Biden. Not the best candidate at all. Donald Trump was/is entirely focused on the economy. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Countries like China and Saudi Arabia retaliated against the United States whenever Trump tried to modify deals/policies with those countries. And, all the work he has done, has systematically been destroyed with the rise of the virus. It’s kind of ironic. He is so focused on the economy that eventually it was destroyed by something biological.
  10. I think vigilantes should be able to have this instead. Load it was taser missiles. Don’t worry about the range of the vehicle, it definitely can’t hit targets from 18 km away. https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/M5_Sandstorm
  11. It’s okay @Dicky everyone still loves you. But tradition calls.
  12. Slav

    new hud

    Server restart timer is the only thing I’d consider reasonable to add. But even then, you can get that information easily as it is. It’s fine the way it currently is.
  13. Slav


    Oh, I want to join in on this meme thread.
  14. RIP Noah. He got exposed for scripting by Destruct in his last video.
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