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  1. Couple questions re: house tax 1) Does a house listed on the market have its lease expire while on the market? 2) I see that listing/unlisting doesn't refresh the expiry (good thing) but what if the expiry is passed and you unlist? Does it "release" the house at next server reset? Basically, if I have houses listed do I need to monitor expiry and take them off the market to refresh?
  2. As a New Player Ambassador­™, this ruined my experience and the experience of those I represent.
  3. If the building inventory model is a single db table for all buildings, then such a query would cause locking and timeout stuff. This would happen whether it's happening by the forums or the game client--I think that's Nerdy's point. @Noahhh! think about an Excel sheet that can only be viewed when nobody is editing it. If you had one sheet for every housing transaction (ie accessing T, putting shit in, taking stuff out), everyone else would need to wait until that command is done. Gang banks are probably on their own "sheet" and not nearly as frequently accessesd. This is entirely guessing on my part, but probably why the discrepancy exists between inventory transactions and banks. My point is that if you materialize a view of that table on a periodic basis (such as after a hard restart once a day), then queries against the view would not cause locking/time-out inventory fetches for in-game players. It would consume processor resources like any other query and add disk space duplicating information. Some people look really negatively on that. But, to play devil's advocate, putting in a once-a-day view would create the precedent that people can see building transactions and then staff would get bugged about "WHY ISNT MY SHIT SHOWING UP IN THE LEDGER I PUT IT IN 30S AGO WTFBBQ!" so I get not wanting to do that, either.
  4. I'm guessing its verification between webapp (forums) and the db's on the game servers. Which I get. A materialized view would still great speed up an in-game portal requiring only modification to the UI elements for say, the Y menu, and a copy of the ledger page (to allow scrolling). I'm not even sure it's something that would need to be rank-restricted (similar to ledger). But I get it's not the same priority as new content.
  5. I'd imagine the devs could use a materialized view that is materialized once a day (at off-peak hours) and then filter it with a GangId via stored procedure. That would mitigate the processing time and locking risk of having something in-game/on-demand.
  6. DM me if you got any! Thanks!
  7. PM me with offers/map pics pls
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