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  1. we back!! Twitch.tv/austinfullerr


    1. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      are we for real or?

  2. thats what you think. like arnt you server two ? you dont know shittttt.
  3. Saturday an nobody on ? wtf. 

  4. it needs to be at least a 3 or 4 crater Pm me if you wanna do business.
  5. I will be back the 29th i miss you all!

  6. does anyone know of any good free movie websites to use ? 

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    2. Fuzy



      Recommend you use a VPN, some ISPs get upset. They have an app aswell. Best movie-streaming service in my opinion, everything is good quality.

    3. 10K


      @FuzyDice i tried it and it tried to make me sign up an account. 

    4. Fuzy


      You don't need to make an account. You don't need to use a VPN either.

  7. were is all my homies at ? 

  8. coolin boolin 

    1. Produs


      so you are cooling twice, or are you a crip turned blood??? 

  9. Well after seeing the average players that are on the Tanoa map i think my opinion was 100% correct, that shit is garbage af. 

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    2. Big B

      Big B

      I think it has a lot of potential, I REALLY like the map, there just inst much to do and it gets boring not being able to gear up until after midnight because everyone camps the two rebels.

    3. ToeKnee


      I made more stuff relax 

    4. BlackJack


      @ToeKnee may I ask y u kept killing that one guy at black market ? And y u no talk?

  10. When your whole gang is on but on a pointless ass server. I'm just sitting here like... :DansGame:

  11. you should add the stealth balaclava to altis and tanoa! @Poseidon

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