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  1. You play runescape... Thats kinda meth up.
  2. Fatty? thats funny yall some random retards who think they are gods at arma claim down
  3. Your a random retard telling people to end there life on the internet xD. Keep hiding under that name ill know who you are soon enough.
  4. Thats why we smack the shit out of everyone good Goof
  5. LOL if we would of patched yall would not of got in we just got done defending vs Imnutty and Traid for 6hrs yall not shit
  6. LOL only time we have had 18 on is this wipe also we did not patch we let yall in because every time we go to fight yall run. Like 99% of the server
  7. lol they dont cheat xD if anyone cheats its your fac with the speed placing.. Also your the one who trying to say your facs better then mine LOL. i have 9bil worth of ig spawners alone so yes we will atleast get top 5 unlike your shit fac If anyone here is a virgin its you my guy now be gone irrelevant monkey.
  8. I split your base into two Yall got raided by a HCF faction...
  9. Minecraft is bigger then arma 3 xD its also bigger then pubg and csgo lol
  10. The TPS is awful - Water is slow af my guess tnt would be fuked. Shop is awful - Dafuk are the prices? Spawn is awful - Everyone plays flat worlds on factions now. enchantments - More enchantments mod. Gen buckets - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/genbucket.47280/ <--- a must for factions.
  11. Everything on the Faction server is outdated
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