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An Apology


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I would like to take the time to own up to all of my mistakes. I've distanced myself from friends, and started to become the person I hated the most, myself. As a sociopath I lived my life with the missing feelings towards other people, and I let it be an excuse as I lived my life. Through my years of living I became confident being negligent to fixing myself, I assumed why should I change for others. I abused friendships and relationships I held and in the end I can't ask for forgiveness of the people I've done wrong. Recently thanks to a vary special person who I have fallen in love with I've started to feel different. I experienced emotions and still don't know how to control them, it's no excuse but it's a reason. I can tell this person loves me as well, but I can't have her go through what I've caused when I get certain ways. I'd like to take the time to apologize to several players who I've taken action without a logical approach. [Tree] Wash, you know exactly why you're the first person on this list and I'm truly sorry for everything. I've caused you heartbreak, and I can only hope you've grown stronger from it. It's my fault, in the beginning I blamed the mistake you made of not informing me but in the end I chose to keep going even after being informed. That's my fault, but I'm not and never will give up on her. Grandpa Squid, you're a sidechat warrior and although I never let things get to me. I was going through a battle with myself. I put these new emotions on you and developed a hatred for you although you were just being a typical player on the internet, I hope you can forgive me. Fastik, literally took two blackfishes from us in a single run with a suicide vest. I kept telling myself I hated you because my gang did and it was no excuse to hate you. Honestly I don't know you and I'm sure you're a cool guy. Corporal Moob although you have no idea what you did, you caused my emotions to get to the best of me. I wrote a forum post that started a lot of controversy for yourself and your gang. You're a cool guy and I'm sure you're an amazing leader, but I had no reason to actually be upset. It wasn't my ground to cause you problems, I hope you can forgive me for that. Clemenza, I understand with that same post you defended your position and the gang you stand behind. I had no reason to be hostile with someone I was challenging unintentionally. I'm more than aware I owe a great gratitude to you for being there for my APD test and giving me one of my favorite experiences in Olympus. I hope you guys can accept my apology, I was unstable and let small things get to me. It's completely understandable if you all still think I'm just some child with a mouth that can run. I've caused to many problems to the one person I care most about, and although this isn't going to fix anything it's a start. Hopefully you guys understand a first love can change a man for the better and the worse then you should know where I'm coming from on this. I will admit I let a computer to fight my battles that I started simply because I could. I've enjoyed the community that I've some what gotten to know and while there is still a lot of you I don't know I look forward to our experiences.

Sincerely Tyler Marvin Forge  

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58 minutes ago, buckie said:

crazy people make me wanna slit my wrists 

Thanks, I think Buckie?

1 hour ago, Nikoteen said:

I fucking knew it


1 hour ago, Moose said:

Is this a video game or the Dr Phil show?


1 hour ago, afalcon said:

lmao. no offense, but its just a game. 

It's the principle 

1 hour ago, Benjamin Remer said:

Image result for facepalm gif

Have a problem with my name?

2 hours ago, Jpeg said:

No clue what happened, but dude it takes some to own up to your mistakes and apologize for them especially with people you don't even know IRL. Respect +1.

Thank you

2 hours ago, I Am Fuzzy said:


I don't know, I don't want to know, but I kinda really wanna know?

2 hours ago, ScreaM said:

Ummmmm not sure what I just read but uhhhh......good luck?

Thank you?

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